Inbound Lead Generation for Product Demo Scheduling For AI Chat-bot Product Company’s

About The Client

The Client, creates cutting-edge conversational apps powered by artificial intelligence (AI). With innovation at heart and value addition being the primary motive, we are a team of young minds, fascinated by technology and its ability to make business operations quicker, better and more efficient.

The client serves customers in Finance, Retail, Insurance, Hospitality, Healthcare and Utilities sector. Client ofers Chatbot-as-a-Service to provide intelligent solutions and has offies in Middletown, Delaware and Delhi, India.

Business Challenge

The client engaged with A S Datachamp to create established, targeted, and segmented campaigns to consistently identify new business opportunities and reach out to the Decision-makers among the prospects.

How We Helped?

  • Understood the objectives of the campaign and Client’s capabilities in the AI Chatbot.
  • Gain insight into the service offerings.
  • Set parameters for culling the right data.
  • Identify the key contacts from among the target prospects.
  • Data Mining Establishing a high-quality database of Fortune 1500 companies based on predefined parameters. This was culled from the Beyond Codes proprietary database, other top data engines, and extensive secondary research.
  • Lead Nurturing done in terms of following up and probing prospects for current opportunities or challenges.


  • Lead nurturing ensured higher visibility and brought in more RFP’s from the targeted set of accounts.
  • Client received a steady flow of meetings with CXO and VP level decision makers keeping their sales pipeline filled.
  • the client closed business of over INR 2.5 mil in a period of over 6 months

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